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🤔 Oh!!

As an Engineer, we have to work a lot but everything is manual then it’s not good!!

The engineer wants to work less and faster right 🤭

🤫 This Blog is about Automation of AWS + DOCKER + LINUX + HADOOP + ANSIBLE !!

This blog contains -

👉 Python Automation Script

👉 AWS Automation

👉 Docker Automation

👉 Linux Automation

👉 Hadoop Automation

👉 Ansible Automation

👉 LVM Automation

See this Video of what is done in this task

🐍 Python — Python Programming Language is written by Guido Van Rossum. It was first released in 1991. It is a General Purpose programming language. In this Task, it is used to automate the other technologies so that all manual work will be reduced and the company will make more profit as time == profit.

☁️ AWS — AMAZON WEB SERVICES is a public cloud that works on a pay-as-you-go model. In this task, I have used aws CLI to make my script work much fluent.

🐳 Docker — Docker is a tool based on container technology. Docker is vast and very useful in companies. So by this script, it is easier to use as automation always helps a lot.

🐧 Linux — Linux is an Operating System but it too can work locally or remotely. As the facility to access the P.C. just by its IP, Username and password are very useful nowadays. This program automates Linux with different use-cases.

🐘 Hadoop — Hadoop is a solution to the problem of Big Data. Hadoop is a very useful tool and it is used in companies a lot. Hadoop Automation is very useful in companies.

🅰️ Ansible — Ansible is a tool that is an intelligent tool for automation and configuration management. Ansible itself is used for automation then what is the need to automate ansible?

It is for the person who doesn’t know the commands and by just pressing a number they will set up all things.

Thank You for your precious time Hope you watched the video 🥳



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